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The formula has changed

2.0 rating

The new Brioschi that I ordered from Amazon is not the same. The crystals are smaller and not as effervescent, and the flavor is weaker. Even if you add more to the glass, you still don’t get the same effect that Brioschi used to have. My grandfather came from Italy in 1920. He was a faithful user of Brioschi and would take it every night. My husband and I have been using it for years. It was only our most recent order from Amazon that we noticed the significant difference. Very disappointing. We will try it again, but if it doesn’t go back to the original formula then we will no longer use Brioschi.

Sandra T. Browne

Corn syrup!

2.0 rating

No way this is an original formula. Corn syrup was not on the scene until the 1980’s. PLEASE replace the corn syrup with a natural ingredient.

Shannon Kintzinger

Different Product

2.0 rating

As others have noted, the current version of Brioschi is not the same formula I’ve known for over 60 years. I SPECULATE the flavoring and the antacid have been separated into two particles and mixed together, their proportion in the glass up to chance.

Charlie D.

This is not the same product.

2.0 rating

I have been a faithful user of Brioschi since childhood. My Italian step-father introduced it to our family in the early 50’s. My recent purchase has less effervescence, less lemon flavor and sugar crystals remaining in the bottom of the glass. Very disappointed.

Craig Crowder

This is not the same

2.0 rating

I’ve been ordering this from Amazon for years but I just ordered some and took forever to get here then I noticed these are made in Canada not Italy which I don’t care but they don’t have that lemon flavor nor is the texture the same . These were substuted not Original as advertised.

Andrew Archuleta

love it

5.0 rating

Thanks for keeping this alive. It is a memory from my grandma in the 1950’s Yea!

Catherine M.

love the travel packets!

5.0 rating

Thank you for bringing back the Brioschi travel packets! Nothing works like Brioschi and it’s great to have them on hand when we travel! They’ve already come in handy! Thank you for such a great product!

Joanne P.

The greatest!

5.0 rating

The greatest! Everything came that I wanted and it came fast so thank you.

William I.


5.0 rating

The best antacid relief ever.

Cheryl F.

Works good

5.0 rating

Works good

Joe B.

I have used this product

5.0 rating

I have used this product for about 40 years.

Kate W.


5.0 rating

I’ve been using Brioschi for years. The last order was given as gifts to friends who get “heart burn”. I recommend highly!!

Alex K.

I prefer the bottle crystals

5.0 rating

I prefer the bottle crystals over the packets

Barbara H.

The every best

5.0 rating

This has been used in my house for generations… Never leave home with out it lol

Patricia R.

classic brioschi

5.0 rating

quick and easy way to purchase the original brioschi brand.

Elizabeth P.

The best.....glad I found it!

5.0 rating

The best…..glad I found it!

Carole G.


5.0 rating

As long as the formula hasn’t changed, its a winner, and does the job!

Francis L.


5.0 rating


Caterina T.

Good to have in the medicine cabinet

5.0 rating

Brioschi is the only thing I use when I ate too much or just have a bad stomach. It works instantly. My Italian Mother turned me on to Brioschi many years ago. Won’t use anything else !

Steven P.

I’ve been taking Brioschi for

5.0 rating

I’ve been taking Brioschi for years. Love it. I take it before bedtime to prevent indigestion while I’m sleeping.

Elisa B.

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