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Trust Brioschi, The Effervescent Granule That Stands The Test Of Time

For over 100 years Brioschi has been a trusted product with pure & simple ingredients. With its crisp, refreshing lemon flavor, Brioschi is the product that generation after generation have enjoyed before and after many meals.

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No longer do you have to ration the use of your remaining bottle of Brioschi. The days of suffering with discomfort after eating a large meal are over. Brioschi, the Original Effervescent is Officially Back! Purchase your bottle today.

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Brioschi The Original Effervescent 8.5 oz (240 grams)

Brioschi is the Original Lemon Flavored Effervescent. Brioschi is a refreshing and thirst quenching effervescent. Brioschi dissolves quickly and evenly when placed in a glass of water. Don't wait any longer, get your bottle of Brioschi Effervescent today.

Ingredients: sugar, baking soda, malic acid, glucose syrup, natural lemon flavor (dehydrated lemon juice), FD&C Blue No. 2

Directions: Dissolve 1-teaspoon (5g) into 8 ounces (240ml) of water. Drink & enjoy while bubbly. Reseal cap tightly, and store in a cool dry place. Do not use if safety seal under cap is broken or missing.