How long do I need to wait before drinking Brioschi?

Wait until Brioschi has fully dissolved. The effervescent formula will dissolve in approximately 10 seconds.

Where can I buy Brioschi?

Brioschi is available for purchase directly on our website by navigating to the  SHOP NOW top navigation button. If you live in Canada, visit our Canadian Customers page for more information about purchasing Brioschi in Canada. You can also buy Brioschi through retail drug stores, food stores, or mass merchandisers. Check back soon for a list of stores that carry Brioschi.

Why does Brioschi dissolve slower in very cold water?

Cold water slows down the effervescent process. So if you prefer to drink a very cold glass of Brioschi, you might need to wait a few more seconds for it to fully dissolve.

Can I buy directly from this website?

Yes you can click on the SHOP NOW button in the top navigation bar to start shopping today!

What are the Nutritional facts of Brioschi?

Brioschi Nutrition Facts