Brioschi is Back and Under New Ownership

Brioschi Effervescent Is Back

MONTREAL, CANADA— Neobourne Pharma LP  announced this week that the Brioschi brand and it’s popular Effervescent will be returning to the marketplace later this year. Neobourne, purchased the North American rights of Brioschi earlier this year and will be selling Brioschi in the familiar 8.5 oz blue bottle at select retail locations and on in late November 2015.  

Brioschi’s origin dates back to the 1880's in Italy, when Achille Antonio Brioschi began to produce small batches of effervescent.  In 1907 Achille founded the Italian company Brioschi and started to market his formula.  Italian immigrants brought Brioschi to New York City and in the early 20s Brioschi was being manufactured and sold in the United States.  In 2010 the company was sold to a US based pharmaceutical company who continued to manufacture and sell Brioschi until the company went out of business in 2013. Neobourne Pharma LP, a Canadian privately owned company, secured the North American distribution rights and trademark to the Brioschi brand.  Neobourne moved the manufacturing back to Italy where Antonio Brioschi first developed his simple granulated effervescent. The company is planning a "Brioschi Is Back!" online awareness campaign during the 2015 holiday season.

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